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Your First Visit

A typical first visit will look like this: 


1. Medical questionnaire

To get to know you and your medical history a little better, we would ask that you fill out a medical questionnaire prior to your first visit. These questions can include inquiring about the types of medication you take or if you have any allergies. Please be assured that all information remains confidential. 

2. Cleaning 

You will meet with the hygienist who will take digital X-rays of your mouth as well as clean, scale and polish your teeth before the exam with the dentist. 

3. Full Dental Exam 

You will meet with one of our dentists who will perform an oral exam. If you have any questions or concerns related to your health, teeth or mouth, this is the right moment to discuss them with your dentist. At the end of this exam, you will have an overview of what your dental needs are! 

To know more about cleanings, digital X-rays and dental exams, please visit the ‘prevention and diagnostics’ page under  ‘Our Services’ or contact us at 514-484-8808. Thank you. 

4. Next Appointment

Your first visit is now complete. You may join our team of receptionists at the front desk who will gladly take any next appointments if necessary. 


We look forward to meeting you!

Emergency Appointment

We place high importance on dental emergencies. If you have a dental emergency or are experiencing dental pain, please advise us as soon as possible at 514-484-8808. 


We do our best to guarantee emergency appointments within 24hrs. 

Please note that we only offer emergency appointments during our opening hours.


Dental equipment/devices are packaged for sterilization in such a way that the steam can move around and through the item(s) and contact all surfaces. Sterilizer is tested monthly and sent out to a lab specialized to insure the proper functioning of our sterilizing equipment.

A report is sent out monthly to advise that all is working as it should

We are at your service should you have any queries.