Dr Javid Musevi, D.M.D et associés

Clinique Dentaire Dentwest

5890 Ave de Monkland, Suite 10, QC Montréal H4A 1G2



Located in Montreal, the DENTWEST Dental Clinic provides all types of dental care.

We support you through the maintenance of your teeth with a friendly and professional approach.

The solution to all your dental problems

Our clinic was established 30 years ago by Doctor Musevi. He graduated from Iran National University in 1991. The office offers all types of care and treatment related to oral and dental health.

Our services include the placement of implants and dentures, cleaning and root canals, dental examinations, etching and teeth whitening. We also take care of any kind of dental emergency and minor surgeries. At the DentWest Dental Clinic, you have access to the most innovating techniques in dental care, guaranteeing you a fast and effective result.

We guarantee the best care!

Monkland Dentist for Over 30 Years

Comfort, security and serenity

Montreal-West General Dentistry

At the DentWest Dental Clinic, we perfectly understand that, for many of our patients, the decision to go take care of their teeth and receive treatment is not an easy one to make. This is why we work to make sure you receive a warm welcome into a relaxing environment. You'll be in the hands of an experienced and dedicated team that administers care best suited to your needs, all in comfort in serenity. We receive all patients, from the little ones to the elderly.

You'll be in the hands of an experienced and dedicated team


The DENTWEST Dental Clinic meets all your dental care needs:

  • Dental Examination
  • Implants and dentures
  • Minor dental surgery
  • Dental treatments
  • Care and maintenance

We're available if you need more information or would like to make an appointment.